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Luwak Coffee Energy Drink is an innovative energy drink designed to provide a boost of both physical and mental energy to athletes. Made with high quality ingredients, this unique drink stands out for its particular formulation.

The secret of Luwak Coffee Energy Drink lies in its base of pure water and the coffee extracted on ice for over 24 hours. This slow and delicate extraction process allows us to obtain an extremely aromatic coffee with a rich taste, which gives the drink a distinctive character.

Luwak Coffee Energy Drink is ideal for athletes thanks to its very low calorie content, which allows you to obtain energy support without weighing down the body. This drink has been specially formulated formulated to provide a quick and long-lasting source of energy, without compromising your weight management and fitness goals.

In addition to providing physical energy, Luwak Coffee Energy Drink also promotes mental concentration and attention thanks to the presence of caffeine naturally present in coffee. This helps athletes maintain a high level of cognitive performance during intense sporting activities or challenging workouts.

Luwak Coffee Energy Drink is the ideal choice for athletes who want energy support without compromising their diet and general well-being. With its delicious ice-brewed coffee flavor and its balanced formulation, this energy drink offers a practical and effective solution for maintaining optimal performance on the pitch and in everyday life.

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Luwak Energy is a coffee-based drinks obtained by using the cold infusion of the coffee beans in water for a prolonged period of time of 24 hours. This extraction process is slow and the ambient temperature allows you to extract the aromas, and the compounds of the coffee The properties of Luwak Energy, in terms of energy, include: Caffeine: caffeine is the main stimulant present in coffee, and is responsible for the energetic effects associated with the consumption of this beverage. Luwak Energy contains a significant amount of caffeine (86 mg per 100 ml). The gradual release of caffeine: The process of cold infusion of the mixture allows a higher solubility of the aromatic compounds and caffeine itself, producing a drink with a release of the caffeine more gradual than that of the traditional coffee. This gives a feeling of more sustained energy, and prolonged without sudden peaks. Less acidity: Luwak Energy tends to be less acid than coffee made with other methods. This can be an advantage for those who have problems with acidity of the stomach associated with the consumption of coffee. Intense flavors and aromas: The cold infusion of the mixture Luwak Energy extracts in particular, the aromatic oils and compounds of the coffee, producing a smoother taste, sweet and rich. These intense flavours can help to improve the consumer experience of the drink. Low calories: Luwak Energy, when consumed without added calories, this drink is low-calorie, perfect for those looking for a lighter option. Hydration: Even if the coffee can have a diuretic effect, Luwak still a good amount of water and contributes to the hydration of the overall body. However, it is important to remember that the energy provided by Luwak Energy is mainly due to the presence of caffeine, and its consumption should be moderate to avoid unwanted side effects such as sleeplessness, irritability or dependency. The amount of Luwak Energy consumed and the individual sensitivity to caffeine vary from person to person, so it is advisable to monitor your answer, and we do not recommend the consumption for pregnant women and children.

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